The Organiser of BanglaLivestock’18 – Bangladesh’s International Feed & Livestock Industry Exhibition, which is scheduled for 20-22 September 2018 at the ICCB in Dhaka, is pleased to announce that an additional Hall is made available to meet the demand for exhibition booths. Since the launch of the exhibition in November, all available booths for HALL 4 and HALL 3 have been booked and BanglaLivestock’18 looks set to be Bangladesh’s largest international feed & livestock industry exhibition in 2018.


Major industry players including Big Dutchman, Poultec, Valli Italy, Mirasco, Elanco, Salmet, Betagro, Zheng Chang and Pavilions from China, India, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand will showcase an impressive range of feed, feed additives, feed machinery, animal health & nutrition supplies, breeding & hatchery equipment, livestock production, and housing and processing equipment. Held concurrently with the Bangladesh Feed & Livestock Industry Forum which will feature over 20 technical papers on feed production & management, animal health management, breeding & modern farming system and meat processing, the event is expected to bring together thousands of buyers including integrators, veterinarians, breeders, farmers, processors, feed millers & mixers.


“The response to BanglaLivestock’18 certainly shows that the feed & livestock industry in Bangladesh is experiencing strong growth in line with rising GDP per capita. The consumption of meat and eggs per capita is still low and as such producers need to constantly look at ways to improve quality and productivity. BanglaLivestock’18 will provide the perfect platform for the introduction of new innovations and solutions that will contribute to the growth of the industry. By securing another hall, we can bring in more exhibitors to display their products.

”Richard Yew, Regional Vice President, AMB Tarsus Events Group

See your business grow at BanglaLivestock 18. To book your booth, contact Mr Syed today at

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