Free PPR Vaccination for Goats in Mymensingh

Pesti des Petits Ruminats (PPR), a fatal viral disease of small ruminants (particularly goats), is a major problem of Bangladeshi goat farmers which could be put to an end through regular vaccination against the causal agent i.e., PPR virus. Three years back, a baseline survey on PPR outbreak of goats in the South Char Kalibari near Brahmaputtra river was conducted by Pravin Mishra, Md. Muket Mahmud and Md. Ashif Iqbal- the three Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) aiming at establishing a PPR free village. Network for the Veterinarians of Bangladesh (BDvetNET; gave necessary technical and financial supports for this study. After regular vaccination campaign (six months interval), the area became almost PPR-free. In each vaccination campaign, the DVM students studying at BAU actively participated and learned a lot about community setting of humans and their animals.

The most recent PPR vaccination campaign was done on November 01, 2019 (Friday). More than three hundred goats were vaccinated during this campaign. As feedback from the villagers, it was known that no vaccinated goats were died so far after starting the campaign, indicating that the vaccine prepared by the Livestock Research Institute (LRI) is working perfectly against the prevailing PPR virus. The secretary of BDvetNET, Prof. Dr. KHM Nazmul Hussain Nazir, Department of Microbiology and Hygiene, BAU led the campaign, and talked with the community people about the effectiveness of the ongoing vaccination program. The team observed that the goat population in the village has increased and the people of the village became motivated for goat rearing and vaccination of their animals.

It is a good indication that the village has become almost PPR-free, however, seromonitoring and observation of protective titer of antibodies throughout the year against PPR are necessary – added Dr. Nazir. He also urged the government to take necessary steps for ensuring mass vaccination throughout the country using effective PPR vaccine, which may help in eradication of PPR in goats in near future.

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